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Pc Virus Removal Process That Works

Pc Virus Removal Process That Works

This process will remove all main viruses that you may need downloaded onto your Windows computer.

Step 1 - Downloading & Set up

There are excellent and FREE computer virus removal programs we use. Download and install these programs to your desktop.

* Malwarebytes

* CCleaner

You should not need to pay for these - there is no such thing as a must upgrade from the free version that is offered.

Step 2 - Protected Mode

Reboot your pc into safe mode.

For most Windows primarily based techniques, you should utilize F8 to entry the Protected Mode menu while you reboot.

How: Go to the beginning button, select restart. As soon as the computer/laptop turns off and back on, instantly hit the F8 key time and again even if the pc begins beeping at you keep pushing the F8 key. It should carry up the menu to ask you if you need as well into secure mode.

If this doesn't work, you possibly can all the time do a hard reboot - pull energy while your laptop is on. If you're using a laptop, be sure to pull power and the battery while it's on. This should pressure you to the Safe Mode menu.

Step 3 - Run Programs & Reboot

As soon as in Secure Mode, run Malwarebytes and CCleaner. One proper after another. If one program would not catch the virus, the other program will.

After each programs run in safe mode, reboot your pc and your virus needs to be removed. It's really that straightforward - 3 steps!

Now we advocate you remove these programs as soon as your virus is gone. You'll all the time need to download the newest model from the website if you happen to get a virus again.

*Bonus - Free Anti-Virus Program

You should utilize AVG for a free anti-virus program to hopefully stop you from downloading one other virus within the future. This can be very vital you retain your anti-virus program updated often as thousands of new viruses are created every day.


You possibly can always create a Visitor user account and that will not permit a virus to download on your laptop with out your permission.

You are the greatest protection in opposition to a virus. Spam emails is not going to hurt you so long as you do not open the link within the emails. Preserve your anti-virus software up to date often as thousands of new viruses are released daily. Upon getting removed your virus with this process, we recommend you delete your virus removal programs and download new ones for those who ever need to use this process again.
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